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Tuesday, Jul 23, 2024,


AgcnnNews is a public news portal on which any user can upload news, information, articles, special reports or any such information which is important and useful for society, group, individual by creating his account.

To upload news on AgcnnNews portal, you have to first create your account. You can create your account by giving the required information by clicking on Upload News or Sign up. After clicking on the submit button an account activation link is sent to the e-mail address provided by you. You can start your AgcnnNews account by clicking that link from your e-mail.

After login to the portal, clicking on the option of Upload News will open the page for uploading news. Now you fill all the information and click on submit. After clicking submit, you can see your news on portal.

While uploading any YouTube video link, we need to keep in mind that any information related to that YouTube video link which is to be uploaded should not be missed. Such as- Headline, short description, description of YouTube video link as required, News Highlights (News Highlights can be increased as per requirement), category of that YouTube video link and country, state and district selection. Lastly, there is a reporter's section in which you can show your e-mail ID during the display in the YouTube video on site, or you can hide it if you want. After giving all the information, clicking on the submit button, a popup of terms and conditions comes in front of you, which you have to accept and on clicking submit, your YouTube video link is uploaded in the respective category given by you. You can visit the home page of portal.


While uploading YouTube video link please note that YouTube should be selected in news type option. After selecting YouTube, a new window gets added under the name of YouTube Video Code. Now go to your YouTube channel and play that video and then pause immediately. Now right click on that video, you will see many options out of which copy embed code and paste it in the option of News YouTube Code in upload section of Agcnnnews.com. After that you complete the further process.

Go to your account on AgcnnNews and click on Add News. Now you can upload any photo through add Image- choose file. Details related to the image can be written below it in the add image description which will appear with the photo on portal.

While uploading any news on AgcnnNews portal keep in mind that all the information related to that news must be filled in all the sections. Check that none of the above fields are left out before submitting.

Sometimes the account activation mail is not able to reach your Inbox due to technical reasons, in such a situation you can also see the activation link in the Spam and Promotions folder of the mail.

No such information should be uploaded which causes harm to any individual / organization or community. Such content may be uploaded if it falls under various categories on AgcnnNews, and complies with the rules of AgcnnNews.

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